If you have a client who is experiencing major financial problems, then you have come to the right place…

You see, we are problem solvers, we are not merely a ‘corporate undertaker’.

We have invested heavily in a tool we call our ‘Business Resuscitation Programme’ – and every year it saves dozens of businesses.  It could do the same for your client.  Our work here helps you too – it enhances your reputation as a caring, proactive, ‘solution finder’ – such a reputation is vital in today’s professional services marketplace.

On those occasions when a formal insolvency process is necessary, you can be assured that we will provide your client with the best possible support and treat them with utmost respect.  And because we believe it is people that are very important, we will ensure that your client exits whatever process they go through as best they can – you see we believe that by introducing us to your client, we are an extension to your firm and values.

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