Our fees and terms

Our fees for our Business Resuscitation work are as follows:

  1. Fundraising for businesses at risk of imminent failure –  10% of the monies raised up to £50,000; 7.5% between £50,001 and £250,000; 5% above £250,000
  2. Fundraising for businesses needing cash from an investor or lender to refinance existing debt, or grow – 2% of the monies raised
  3. Finding an invoice discounter, book debt or other asset financier – if we deal direct with the financier, I keep the commission paid by the financier, if sourced via a funds broker, the fund broker pays me 25% of the commission he receives
  4. Finding a joint venture partner – 1% of the joint venture’s turnover for as long as it 0perates
  5. Finding a purchaser of the business – 2% of the value of the transaction
  6. Finding a business acquisition or lending opportunity for an investor, lender or buyer – 2% of the transaction value
  7. Find an investment opportunity for a property investor– 3% of the purchase cost
  8. Plug skills gaps – 10% of the expert’s ongoing fees, for the duration of the assignment
Vat will be added to these figures.  These figures are inclusive of any expenses we may incur – there are no hidden costs.
By providing us with details of the opportunity means you agree to pay our fees immediately on completion of the transaction we have introduced to you.
Our services comprise the circulation of opportunities to people and organisations on our database,  the initial filtering of responses received and communication of interest to you or your adviser for you to follow up.  We do not get involved in detailed negotiations between the parties, we do not advise you on the transaction in any way, nor do our fees include any legal advice.