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16th JANUARY 2012


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Monday January 16, 2012 from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM GMT
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Dear Paul,
Are you planning for 2012? 

And could you be making the same “5 Killer Mistakes” when planning for the 2012, that many other business owners are making, right now?


Mistake # 1 is so costly that it’s putting people out of business, right now, right round the corner from you…


Mistake #2 is so easily made and so common that it’s hardly recognised as a mistake at all – until it closes the business down of course…


Mistakes #3 and #4 are part of the old paradigm – the old way of doing business – the way that we WERE told to do things in the past.  And when I saw what happened to three business owners that made these mistakes, I knew something had to be done…


Mistake #5 is the Killer. This mistake is hidden inside your business and you need to find it before it destroys you….


Now I’m hopeful that you aren’t making these mistakes when planning for 2012 but because they are so common – I am worried that you could be…


So I’d like to offer you some help and this is why…


I’ve made the 5 killer mistakes myself.


Yep, I’ve made each one of them and it nearly put me out of business too.  So this is no theory driven workshop you are being invited to.  It’s based on real world experience.

I have seen too many great businesses and enthusiastic business people fail when it’s so easy to succeed – even in this difficult climate (or is it actually simply “abundant” with tons of opportunities…?)


Whether its difficulty or abundance you see in your business – it’s all hidden in your approach to your plans for 2012.


The REAL™ Business Planning Workshop shows you how to avoid the 5 Killer Mistakes and gives you a unique holistic process, based on the principles of The Power of Being Real™ that provides a simple 8 step process for preparing your plans for 2012.

  • We look at how you make authentic choices about your business activities this year and how you gain the essential momentum to survive and thrive.
  • We uncover more about what drives you, motivates you and how you communicate with others. This is a key to unlock your success in 2012.
  • And we make sure you leave with a robust action plan.  Not something that sits on a shelf and never gets used.  This is an action plan brimming with activities you undertake to generate the Real Success you so richly deserve.

Now here’s the best bit…


This planning workshop usually costs £197 per delegate. But I am running a special workshop on January 16th 2012 in Solihull for subscribers of The REAL™ Edge.


This one day, no nonsense workshop will cost just

£67 plus VAT and you can bring a friend too! So you could share the cost and have the whole day for less than £40 each including VAT! – that’s insane!


Places are very limited to maximise the interaction so you must reserve your place NOW!


There aren’t lots of bonuses and extras at this “no nonsense” workshop – the low cost is the biggest bonus of all!!


However, there is one very special bonus for those that do attend – and you’ll discover this when you come along on the day!


So are you going to be bound by the old paradigms or inspired by the new paradigms of 2012?




Then click on Yes, I’d like to register NOW below to reserve your place on the REAL™ Business Planning Workshop 2012!

Yes! I’d like to register NOW!

A final thought..There are some great workshops being provided right now by coaches, consultants, businesses and support groups.  Even if you decide that the REAL™ Business Planning Workshop is something that you can’t commit to right now – I urge you to commit to spending some time planning for 2012 – it’s going to be a massive year and you can’t afford to miss out.


And watch out too for the 5 Killer Mistakes….that could be so costly to you.


Good luck and I hope to see you on 16th January.  Just get in touch if you’d like more information.


Yours in planning for an awesome 2012!






Paul Harris

Real Success Ltd


0121 711 1494

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