Business Opportunities listing 24 October 2014

Introducing some interesting business opportunities…


Welcome to our latest business opportunities listing:

Top end IT company seeks £100k loan (10/6)

IT company with own, world-beating, products seeks investor to lend it £100k, repayable in 12 months time, to facilitate its expansion. Good interest rate offered. Evidence of funding required.

Resi Developer seeks brownfield sites (10/7)

Any size, anywhere in the Midlands, will buy unconditionally, will take on the planning risk.

Equipment for sale – located in Wolverhampton (10/8)

Here’s a link to what’s available – via Asset Disposal Services Limited. Includes welding equipment and magnets. Bid via Apex Auctions – here’s a link to the auction. Items 148652 onwards
Asset Disposal (10/09)

Who do you know in the Midlands who is hoarding old machinery or whose factory could do with an early Spring Clean? Call Phil on 0843 289 6723, to turn that surplus plant and equipment into cash!

Looking for an in-house credit controller? (10/10)

Person with 20 years experience in the law, seeks inhouse credit control role (Midlands).

How it works…

You pass this mailer around to people you know, either by email or using the social share buttons. You or they email me with any interest – I put the 2 parties in touch if they pass our screening. The parties negotiate direct. If a deal gets completed I get paid an introductory fee by the party who has instructed me. The point is I am the facilitator and the filter – I send all the chancers out there packing, protecting my client. But note, these circulars are sent once, and once only – if you miss a mailer, you’ve missed the opportunity!
Paul Brindley
Licensed insolvency practitioner
Midlands Business Recovery
Tel 01902 672323

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