December 2011 newsletter

Welcome to my final newsletter of 2011 and thanks for all the feedback you have given me throughout the year, virtually all of which has been positive.  I wi8ll continue to challenge everyone and everything in 2012, breaking even more eggs!


Here’s an important message from our lawyers

Following extensive consultation with both our legal advisors and Professional Indemnity Insurers, as a firm we wish to issue the following statement at this time:

“On behalf of Midlands Business Recovery, its principal, partners, employees, agents, contractors and any other connected parties , as defined under Section 249 Insolvency Act 1986, actual or alleged (‘We‘);

desire, without accepting any liability, or providing any warranties, or guarantees, actual or implied (‘Wish‘);

all recipients of this statement, whether intended or otherwise, and all parties to whom it may be shown, with or without our consent, and their principals, partners, employees, agents, contractors and any other connected parties , as defined under Section 249 Insolvency Act 1986, actual or alleged (‘You‘);

in which context all words and phrases in this statement which are expressed in the singular should be deemed to represent the plural , and vice versa (‘A‘);

have an enjoyable, in whatever manner you, at your own volition and risk, and subject to your own enquiries and due diligence, and for the avoidance of doubt placing no reliance whatsoever upon this statement, which should in no way be construed as recommending, encouraging or sanctioning in any way, any acts of inebriation, however limited, deem appropriate (‘Merry‘);

holiday, winter festive season, or religious event of any description which may occur within a period of not more than one calendar month following the issuance of this statement (‘Christmas‘).”

We hope that this statement makes our position on this matter clear, no further correspondence on this issue will be entered into.

You guessed it!  I am not sending out any cards this year – I’ve donated to Acorns Childrens Hospice instead.

(thanks to Galen & Partners for allowing me to copy their idea above- there’s no way I’d have come up with anything so clever).

We’d appreciate your support

Friday 11 May 2012 will see the Beacon Centre for the Blind, Sedgley, putting on an Olympic event at the Copthorne, Brierley Hill.  Speakers include Roger Black and Steve Backley. This is a sporting night where the ladies will not feel uncomfortable or disinterested.  Here’s a link to a booking form.  Or you could e-mail me and I’ll send you the forms.  Please then send your booking direct to the centre.  Beacon is also looking for sponsorship opportunities: a range of options are available. I shall be reminding people constantly about the event in the New Year  Please book early, it’s a worthy cause and sure to be a great night out.  And watch this space, there are some really interesting things going on around it!

Looking both back and forward

2011 seems to be rolling out with an even greater level of depression than it started.  Yet, when I look back over 2011, I have seen far more businesses that are doing really very well than are doing badly – I am honoured that my Business Resuscitation Programme gets me in front of both.  2011 has been a case of black or white with nothing inbetween, whereas 5 years ago I was looking at different shades of grey.  Back then I wrote an article that upset some people, arguing that the benign conditions we had at that time had a sting in thei tail, that they were doing more harm than good to the economy in the long term, that Great British business needed a good pruning.  It’s not that I’m hard or callous, it’s that those times were unreal, and we’re now rapidly reaching the time when realism will, as it always eventually does, win over. 2012 will be an interesting, sometimes tough, time for us all.  Would I go back to those times 5 years ago or choose to live outside of my comfort zone today?  I know where I feel more alive.  It’s now, there’s more of a buzz if you go looking for it.  In part, it’s a question of attitude.

But there’s one thing we don’t do very well in the Black Country, and that’s shout long and hard about what we are doing well.  Take local firm Quantum Mouldings, for instance, whose premises I sold to the Wooldridges out of receivership 25 odd years ago.  They were challenged when the automotive sector struggled.  Three or so years on and now they’re doing some really high profile work nationally (next time you go on the London Eye, look on pods) and internationally (sworn to secrecy on that one!).   And as they said at the DudleyBusinessFirst breakfast yesterday morning, we are adaptable, we are innovative.  And it is these traits that will determine which businesses succeed after the Euro and USA government debt collapse.  Will it be a bumpy road ahead? – sure.  Will it just be for 2012? – no. Will there be casualties along the way? – sure.  Will there be heroes? – yes.  Am I filled with hope, trepidation, and more than a little certainty? – yes, but in my heart I know that people who have the foresight to map out the future and have the right team around them to challenge and encourage them in the right degrees, in the right areas, at the right time, everything will turn out alright.  Bring it on!

A final thought for 2011 for you!

It’s that time of the year when we look up to the sky, gaze at the stars in awe and wonder what the coming year has in store for us.  Here’s one for you to think about!

33 years ago, on 20 August 1977, a few days after Elvis’ death, Brotherhood of Man were number 1; James Callaghan was prime minister; Jimmy Carter the US president; that classic, the Rover 3500 car of the year; Star Wars had just been released; our computers were by Atari and Commodore, Apple was a mere babe in arms.  I was a spotty, thin, teenager with long hair, flares and wide collars chasing girls like they were going out of fashion.  On that day Voyager 2 blasted off to cruise the solar system.  Incredibly it’s still going, and it’s doing a lot better than me.  It’s still travelling at an impressive 125 million metres an hour.  Right now it’s a long way away, 14,600,000,000 kilometres, in an area called the Heliosheath (the outer layer of the heliosphere where the solar wind is slowed by the pressure of interstellar gas – there, that’s explained it!).  It’s all very, very impressive and it’s difficult to comprehend the scale of it all.  But wait a bit!  That’s 14.6 trillion metres away.  And 14.6 trillion is about the same as the US national debt in Dollars!  (excluding a few minor things like pensions, the local states’ debts, etc).   And it’s growing at around $180 million an hour!  Yes, that’s right, an hour.  The Americans can be congratulated for diverting the world’s attention from the elephant sitting in the corner of the room to the much smaller issue of the Eurozone crisis. I guess that way they don’t get to blame themselves.

If you’re thinking of making time for a quiet moment of reflection over the break, you may care to buy another bottle or two of your favourite tipple, and think about this one!

Merry Christmas and every best wish for a happy and prosperous New Year!

Paul Brindley

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