Dispute with the Bank of Ireland over your mortgage rate increase?

If  the Bank of Ireland increased the rate on your standard variable mortgage back in 2012, I guess that by now you’ve gone past the anger stage to one of bewilderment as to why the UK regulatory bodies and our wonderful MPs haven’t intervened.

What can you do about it, after all it seems to be a David v Goliath battle?

Let me tell you something…

I helped a client of mine avoid the increase… the Bank of Ireland stopped their efforts to repossess his home, I believe because of the weight of evidence I put before the court…and even now my client is continuing to pay the old, pre-increase, rate.

Might I be able to help you?


Why not join together with other aggrieved Bank of Ireland borrowers, so that if I can secure the same result as previously – and why shouldn’t I? – you’ll get full benefit but pay only part of the costs.

Paul Brindley

Licensed Insolvency Practitioner and Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales

Telephone: 01902 672323









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