What businesses does our ‘Business Resuscitation Programme™’ help and how?

West Midlands based businesses:

  • needing more cash, say where they’ve been turned down by their bank.
  • in need of more turnover, say where the company has lost a major contract or seen its sales slide slowly away.
  • whose owner wants to exit but can’t, say where they want to move on to something else, retire or are poorly.
  • looking for specialist support to turn the business around.
  • which want something to enable them to take advantage of a major new business opportunity.

by finding a buyer, investor, lender, merger or joint venture partner, or specialist help within the client bases of a range of advisers across the Midlands.

What’s the risk?

There’s none.  It’s entirely confidential: our fees are purely success based: the respective advisers retain control throughout – we just support their efforts.

How quickly does it work?

Being web based, it can achieve tremendously quick results – typically you’ll get an idea as to whether it’s likely to find what you want within 3 working days. But remember, the negotiations, due diligence and paperwork always take longer than you’d hope, so make sure you allow enough time for us and others to do our work.

Do you charge for this work?

Yes, we do, but you’ll find our charges reasonable, especially when you compare the cost to the results it generates.  Click HERE for details of our fees.