Need help filling out your bankruptcy forms?

If you are struggling to complete the forms needed to petition for your own bankruptcy, you’re not alone, you see the forms were created by a civil servant who appears to have gone out of his way to make things difficult!  They contain far too much jargon, especially form 6.27, the debtor’s petition; and the explanatory notes are rubbish!

Yet it’s vital you complete the forms properly.  To do so, you will need some help.

In addition, it’s vital you understand how the bankruptcy process will effect you and your family as it passes through its various stages.

We are now offering people contemplating bankruptcy a cut price, fixed fee, face to face, meeting for just £200.  In those 2 hours, we will not only show you how to complete all the bankruptcy forms (bring them along and we’ll complete them together!), we will also take you through the bankruptcy process so that you understand how it applies to you and your family, that way you will not encounter any surprises.

Just call Paul on 01902 672323 to take up this offer.

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