Formal launch of the Business Resuscitation Programme



Midlands Business Recovery - Business Resuscitation Programme
Launch of the Business Resuscitation Programme

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The biggest challenge small businesses face is not having enough cash to do all they want or, in some cases, just to survive.  And when the true recovery comes locally, credit will tighten further, making things even more difficult than they already are.  With many of the traditional sources of cash having disappeared, I decided I’d build my own tool to match businesses needing cash with businesses and individuals with it.  The Programme also works for businesses needing resources other than cash.

The Business Resuscitation Programme has been designed to breath fresh life back into Black Country businesses by giving their accountants, lawyers and other advisers (‘advisers’) a tool they do not currently have – a free and easy matching facility.  The Programme is focussed entirely on small business needs within the Black Country, but the search for cash extends outside the area.

How does it work?

  1. Advisers let me have a summary of what their client does and what they are looking for in terms of an ideal investor or partner.  This should be no more than 25 words and guidance is given at my Midlands Business Recovery website.
  2. I then circulate the summary to approximately 500 other advisers across the Black Country and wider Midlands area via the internet.  It also appears on my Twitter account, Linked-in page and blog.  Circulars will ordinarily go out every two weeks, but where a business needs cash right now in order to survive, I will circulate it straight away.
  3. I pass the contact details of potential investors / partners to the adviser, by e-mail, giving them the opportunity to start discussions.

So why should you use this facility?

Firstly, this may be your client’s only means of taking on a specific project or of surviving.

Secondly, you the adviser remain in complete control throughout.  You support the client throughout, you decide what people you may need to bring in, and when, to help.

Thirdly, the service is confidential – you only reveal your client’s identity to those people and at those times you choose.  I never need to know the identity of the business.

Fourthly because it is a completely free service, it is accessible for even the smallest of businesses.

Why am I doing this?

Having lived in the Black Country all of my life, I am passionate about its businesses and feel I have to do something to stop wealth leaching out of the area.

All I ask is that if your client should need to go through a formal insolvency process, such as where the investor is unwilling to pay all the historic debts, you should consider coming back to me for that process.

Is it really such a no-brainer?

Well, yes it is.  There is no risk or cost to you or your client.  It enables you to provide an added value service to your client, yet commits you to only a small amount of potentially unpaid time.  If your client finds what they need, you will best protect your client’s business and your ongoing fees.  Indeed it could lead to you doing more, paid, work for your client as his business prospers.

How do you take things forward?

Firstly discuss the Programme with your client, then let me have a summary of the opportunity by e-mail.   Then just sit back and wait.  Once you have qualified the leads you receive, agree with your client how you take things forward.

I do hope that you find this service of use, please let me have your feedback on your experiences.

Paul Brindley
Midlands Business Recovery

‘Doing more for Black Country Businesses’

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