June Business Resuscitation and Opportunities list

Newsletter and Opportunities List


I’ve decided this month to combine my newsletter and opportunities list – the sun is out, I’m out of here, I’m going climbing!

Some of you may be aware that inbetween my newsletters, I write the occasional blog for my website.

And over the last 12 months here are some you may just be interested in…

…  that local authorities are, even now in the 21st Century, sending people – particularly OAPs – to jail for not paying their rates?In this article I name and shame the councils who are jailing the people they’re here to provide for.Tell me, if non-payment is such a serious matter that incarceration is considered appropriate, surely councillors should face similar penalties for not best looking after our money once it’s been collected?Click here to read the blog.
Do you think it could be important to know what the top ten reasons are for businesses failing right now?It could be pretty important for you and any clients you may be advising…Read my views by clicking here.
Here are this month’s business opportunities:
1. Data centrebolt on – this data centre is looking for additional cloud/managed services, hosting or co-location work to fill up its spare capacity.
2.  Printer / similar business sought – litho, digital and large format printer, vehicle graphics and signage, labels and decals, emboidered and heat pressed clothing company sought by Uttovxeter based company.
3.  Founding strategic partners sought in education charity – Charity in the process of being set up, enabling much closer employer involvement in schools, capturing the right staff for them, seeks founding partners to put in a total of £45k. They are also seeking an accountant. Midlands based.
4.  Developer seeks partner or lender with £5m to redevelop a big piece of brownfield land in Dudley into resi.
A third of all IVAs fail according to government figures.  The proportion of income based IVAs failing is probably closer to 45% – put another way, about as many fail as succeed.So why do almost half of all income based IVAs fail?In this article I give an insight as to why I think that so, and why, over the last 10 years, I’ve only ever recommended one client go into an income based IVA – I’ve always found a better solution.If you’ve got a client who is thinking about an IVA, you both need to read this.

Click here to read the article.

One of the key functions of a great IP is to support people in taking the actions they really ought to be taking but have put off for a good while.And to do that I often have to quickly get them from a mindspace where they are not yet ready to take major decisions into a more positive frame of mind – I have to use the attraction of a definite, positive end result to get them through the processes and a few hardships along the way.To move them into this space, I’ve written two e-books.The first prepares people for their meeting with an IP – I hand this out to people before I agree to meet them to get them into a different headspace, to eliminate a few untruths and to get them to prepare.

The second is my ‘little book of bankruptcy’ – I wrote this because I got sick and tired of hearing the same old crap regurgitated by people based on hearsay, ignorance and yesteryear’s laws … things like, you’ll definitely lose your house if you go bankrupt.

To get a copy of either book just email me.

What are the ten most important things you and your clients need to know about business insolvency?The point is, if your clients do not know these – and many IPs won’t tell them because they want the repeat business – then there’s every chance your client will go down the same road again very soon.Click here to read my article listing what you and your clients need to know

Before you go, a Big Thanks….

… for taking the time to read my newsletters, blogs and business opportunities – by investing the time to do so, together we are saving businesses which others would have closed down, we’re making people happier than they would otherwise be, and we’re helping eliminate ignorance surrounding insolvency processes. These are all very important things for me, so thanks for working with me.

If you’d like a copy of either of my ebooks, or are interested in any of the business opportunities, email me – paul@midlandsbusinessrecovery.co.uk or call me 01902 672323.  For a full list of my blogs – click here.

Paul Brindley FCA & Licensed Insolvency Practitioner

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