Lamb or lambs to the slaughter?

This is a quote from the E-myth which appeared in their blog this evening.

”If systems were the answer to all business problems then bureaucracy would be the highest attainment. Systems should only ever be a means to an inspired and alive end. When systems are seen as the end of and to themselves, a business begins to die. If not serving vision, passion, and a deep sense of purpose, systemization will devolve to a means of control rather than a means to liberate.”

This seems to me to a reflection of what is happening in the world of insolvency today, with the seemingly endless creation of pointless bureaucracy by the law makers and the regulators.

Let’s hope Norman Lamb, the new insolvency minister at the Department of Business, Innovation & Skills, ‘gets it’ better than his predecessor Edward Davey did.  Let’s hope he understands that a key part of his role is to make everything to do with insolvency work more efficiently and effectively both inside and outside of government.  I remember that before they came to power it was a Conservative Party pledge to reduce the bureaucracy burden on business – we’ve seen precious little of this pledge being delivered, even though it’s now more than ever the country needs small businesses to dig us out of this downturn.

From where I sit Lamb’s predecessor achieved precious little, yet still managed to upset a good many people inside and outside of the Insolvency Service.  Moral couldn’t be any worse right now in the Service.  And they don’t have to operate by anything like the same rules and standards we outside of the Service have to – they have a far easier job.

I, for one, would welcome a completely new approach from the new guy.  I really hope that Lamb isn’t just another clone.


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