The End of Lawyers … as we know them?

‘The End of Lawyers‘ is the title of a hardhitting book by Richard Susskind.  Perhaps we should add the words ‘as we know them’  at the end, because while we’ll always need lawyers, there are now more ways than ever of delivering legal services?

Here’s a few of the more recent casualties in the sector – Linda Myers; Challinors; Cobbetts; Barnetts; Hilliers HRW; Hacking Ashton….

They are living proof that being good, even great, at what you do doesn’t stop you from going under. Here’s what Andy Hemming of ActionCoach has to say……….

Good lawyer?  Not good enough…….

We’re living in the experience economy, so it’s no longer good enough just to exhibit a high level of professional competence.  The world is changing fast, and when it comes to the law, here’s one I especially like:

“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” (John F. Kennedy)

I’ve noticed in the professional services (and especially the legal) sector that things are polarising – a few innovators are rethinking their business model and thriving as a result.  The vast majority are doing more of the same because it’s worked in the past.
Unfortunately, the pace of change in the market place means that we all need to keep reinventing ourselves, and being professionally competent isn’t enough to differentiate yourself any more.
So what are you doing to stay ahead of the game?
There has never been a better opportunity than now to catch the growth wave.  A clear strategy and the discipline to execute a great plan can put you head and shoulders above the large majority of the market. 

  • What does your strategy and plan look like? 
  • How clear is your team so they can help you achieve it?
  • When was the last time you critically evaluated your activities in order to make change to your modus operandi?

Take action now!  We can offer you a complimentary, no obligation session with one of the UK’s top business coaches to help you get clearer on the way forward.

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