A message for all you business consultants out there who are struggling for an answer to a client’s problems…

No one knows all the answers, that’s why my Business Resuscitation work is so very vital…

Let me ask you a question –
Do you have any clients who could benefit from some innovative support from a licensed insolvency practitioner?  

Please bear with me, I am not talking about business closure here, this is about achieving for your clients some really great results that you will not be able to achieve on your own…  

You see a long time ago I formed the view that insolvency practitioners should be doing far more than just closing businesses down, and because whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve, I invested heavily in what I call my Business Resuscitation Programme™.  And believe me, this service is unique, I’ve left them all my competitors in my wake.

My Business Resuscitation work puts businesses in touch with the people and organisations that provide exactly what they need but cannot easily get elsewhere, whether it be cash, skills, a business to buy or merge with, a buyer of their business, a joint venture partner … the list goes on, it’s that flexible.

Built initially to save struggling businesses, it’s now being used by businesses at all stages of the cycle.
You see it provides solutions your clients never thought possible.  So if you ever find yourself scratching your head unable to find the optimum solution for a client, just give me a call – I’d be glad to explain how it works.  Just remember one thing, now with my Business Resuscitation Programme neither you nor your clients will ever have to settle for second best.  And if you don’t need me just yet, please retain this mailer because at some time you will.

Paul Brindley FCA
paul@midlandsbusinessrecovery.co.uk      Tel: 01902 67232301902 672323


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