October 2015 Business Opportunities

Include your surplus plant in an ‘event auction’ at no risk and for minimal cost (10/01)

Our associated company, Asset Disposal Services Limited, is offering to include in its next event auction your surplus plant for only the cost of the photography/lotting and, if the item is sold, a fee of 15% of the net proceeds, meaning you pay no auction set up fee (typically £2,500).  There is still some space left, but be quick!  Email phil@assetdisposalservices.co.uk to take up this opportunity.

Technology company which has seen a gap in the market seeks £500k investment (10/02)

Can’t say much about this one for confidentiality reasons, suffice to say they think they’ve noticed a gap in the market.

Presses Sought (10/03)

We have a client who is looking for a suitable 800T  to 1000T press with as large a bed as possible.   And for a 600T to 800T Progression Press.  Who do you know who is sitting on such plant and would like to turn it into cash?

Superb bottling, filling and labeling line previously used by PZ Cussons UK to produce its Imperial Leather range for sale (10/04)

I’m showing thsi again because I cannot believe this hasn’t sold.  This recently decommissioned bottling, filling and labeling line made up of machinery from top OEMs including Pago, Ronchi and Farason, is for sale, with the auction closing on 9 September. To be sold as a line (preferably), but if that’s not possible, then as separate machines Click here for video. Original cost circa £1m, the client is now looking for upwards of £125k.

How it works…

You pass this mailer around to people you know, either by email or using the social share buttons.  You or they email me with any interest – paul@midlandsbusinessrecovery.co.uk  . I put you in touch, you negotiate direct.  If a deal gets completed I get paid an introductory fee by the other party, there’s no cost to you.  These circulars are sent once, and once only – if you miss a mailer, you’ve missed the opportunity!

BTW – I shall be climbing Kilimanjaro between 10th and 21st of October to raise funds for Katherine House, a hospice in Stafford.  If you’re able to donate, it would be much appreciated.  All the funds raised go to the Hospice.  Do you know why we left it so late to try to raise some money?  You’ll laugh at this!  We paid a UK guide who has run off with all of our money, such that we’ve had to re-book in the last few days!  Honestly! An IP get’s conned!  (But don’t worry all the money is on the way back to us, it’s just short term hassle).           Click here to donate

Paul Brindley
Licensed insolvency practitioner
Midlands Business Recovery
Tel 01902 672323

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