Our Services

We are a specialist insolvency firm providing both traditional insolvency services AND truly innovative solutions to the financial problems that businesses and individuals suffer.

The ‘traditional’ side of our business does all the things you’d expect of an insolvency practice, but we are anything but ‘traditional’, so we do a lot more than you’d expect, including:

  • Formal insolvency work including…

    Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidations (‘CVL’s)
    Company Voluntary Arrangements (‘CVA’s)
    Solvent / Members’ Voluntary Liquidations
    Bankruptcies and Individual Voluntary Arrangements (‘IVA’s)

  • Informal insolvency support work, including…

    Advising the owners and directors of businesses of their options for dealing with serious financial problems
    Supporting the owners and directors of struggling businesses to find the cash they need to survive
    Advising individuals of their options for solving their financial problems

  • Other work, including…

    Fund-raising – asset based finance, finding investors and lenders, etc
    ‘Match-making’ – helping people sell and acquire businesses
    Negotiating and defeating banks’ claims against directors under personal guarantees given