Want to put something back?

A good many outside of the professions of accountancy, law, insolvency think we’re aloof, arrogant, add no value, charge high fees, and put nothing back into society. If you’re worried about this, and not only want but are also committed to doing something about it, why not think about this…?

… becoming a STEM ambassador.

What’s that?

STEM ambassadors go into schools and colleges, talking to the students about ‘Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths’. I’m an ambassador, I go into schools and colleges here in the Black Country talking to students, really challenging their core values, on their attitudes to debt – as I’m an insolvency practitioner, I’m ideally placed to do this. After all, with Joe Public £1 1/2 trillion in debt, we cannot go on like this.

But you can help too – one of the major reasons for the UK falling behind other countries is our lack of real financial education. This is where you can help.

I’ve had my eyes opened wide by what I’ve seen – heads, heads of department, staff who really want to challenge the kids, to give them far more than a mere academic education. They’re crying out for help from outsiders such as us to come into schools to prepare them for life outside school.

And it’s not only the staff that welcome you, the kids really appreciate you spending your time coming in to talk to them.

And you’ll not only really enjoy it – sure it will give you a real buzz, but it will also deepen your understanding and challenge your own thoughts on what’s happening in your profession, what it does and doesn’t do…

If you’d like to change people’s perceptions of your profession, give something back to society, then call me on 01902 672323 or e-mail me at paul@midlandsbusinessrecovery.co.uk,

Or go to the STEM website at www.stemnet.org.uk


… because it doesn’t have to be this way.

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