A reminder of how our Business Resuscitation work helps you

The Business Resuscitation Programme
– helping you to support your clients in new ways

This is a reminder of when you could think about using my Business Resuscitation Programme to help you support your Black Country based clients.

If you should like a copy of my brochure explaining how it works, please e-mail me at paul@midlandsbusinessrecovery.co.uk.  And don’t forget, it’s free and completely confidential!

Paul Brindley
Midlands Business Recovery
‘Doing more for Black Country Businesses’

Raising cash for growth
Your client is threatened by:

  • potentially terminal cash flow problems; or
  • inadequate bank support; or
  • skills or resource shortcomings – their own or their employees
Your client wants to grow
Your client wants to grow but:

  • cannot raise the cash they need; or
  • needs more or better production, sales or marketing resources or skills; or
  • wants to limit their personal exposure; or
  • cannot find the right acquisition opportunites
Your client wants to exit the business, but can’t
Your client has cash, skills or resources to invest in Black Country businesses but cannot find the right opportunities
Midlands Business Recovery, Alpha House, Tipton Street, Sedgley, DY3 1HE
t: 01902 672323


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