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I’ve recently met RandD UK Ltd, who offer two ways of saving money as part of a business turnaround or profit improvement exercise.  Here’s a copy of an e-mail from Michael Keyse.


Professional energy procurement

RandD Utilities is a division of RandD UK Ltd, specialising in UK energy consultancy. Our team provides exceptionally well-informed, impartial and independent advice for businesses needing to understand today’s complex and volatile energy markets.  With over 21 years’ experience in energy buying, our process is tried and tested and has demonstrably avoided significant costs to our clients resulting in substantial savings when compared to the results that the previous purchasing methods would have incurred.  Traditionally we conduct a tender shortly before the energy contract renewal date to determine which supplier is offering the most flexible contract terms and best prices.  We then award the contract to our preferred supplier but do not fix the energy prices. We then monitor the market and buy either short term or long term depending upon the state of the market. Our team recognises that one size does not fit all. Our approach to the specific needs of each of our clients ensures that we can offer unrivalled levels of service. Focussed on the RandD ethos of providing excellent customer service, RandD has grown entirely on reputation, customer referrals and a supplementary offering to our existing clients.  The RandD Utility Management team have a vast range of relevant experience, and share a unique depth in knowledge of the energy industry. We operate on a fee basis either fixed quarterly or pence/kWh at the Client’s discretion.

Intelligent energy management control systems


RandD Utilities markets, distributes and installs a comprehensive range of proven domestic, commercial and industrial energy saving systems.  Our advanced micro-processor based boiler management and warm air controls intelligently govern central heating boilers/burners to dramatically reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions.  Our Variable Thermal Response program intelligently manages the heating system ensuring that it economically and efficiently meets the performance requirements of the heating system.  Our Controls take into account all changeable factors including the level of demand, boiler flow and return temperatures and external temperature.

Other features include:

  • Weather Compensation
  • On/Off Optimisation
  • Frost Protection
  • Night Time temperature control
  • Hot Water priority and temperature control
  • Multi boiler sequencing and stepping
  • Digital Programmer
  • Bypass facility

In contrast to a limiting and costly “one size fits all” approach, we offer a range of systems tailored to the various sizes and types of heating plant, be they in domestic, commercial or industrial applications. The various controls cover single, dual, multi and modular boilers; conventional and condensing boilers, warm air systems and radiant tube heaters.

From the smallest of domestic properties to the largest of commercial and industrial complexes, RandD Utilities can provide the intelligent solution.


Research & Development tax relief is a government backed initiative funded by the EU to actively encourage British SME’s to invest in innovation. The scheme is retrospective meaning eligible companies can go back two full accounting years and claim either a cash repayment of up to 200% of qualifying expenditure or be awarded a significant reduction on future tax bills, rising to 225% in April 2012.


Any introducer seeking to identify potential leads for Research & Development tax relief ideally needs to identify the following key points before setting up an appointment with one of our consultants.


The Company has to be a going concern, liable to corporation tax, preferably a minimum turnover of £1.5m with a minimum of 10 employees directly contributing to the problem solving within the company (this is to ensure that the prospect receives a sizeable benefit and it is of financial reward to RandD UK Limited).


In order to claim, RandD UK Limited must demonstrate through writing a technical narrative that the Company has been in the pursuit of a technological advancement within their field – i.e. made or in the process of making an appreciable improvement in their product/processes. Have they produced something innovative or introduced a novel manufacturing regime that sets them apart from competitors (they could have made a process more efficient or more cost effective and eradicated H&S risks for example). Even projects whereby advancement was sought and subsequently failed can be included as these projects highlight the company is willing to take a risk in order to make a breakthrough.


In the case of software claims and pharmaceuticals/biochemistry, the technological advancement can be found in identifying a scientific or systematical uncertainty. What was the Company trying to achieve, what would the benefit be, what was problems did they encounter and how did they go about overcoming them?


In a nutshell, if a company aims to achieve something whereby an immediate solution isn’t readily available and an advance in a overall knowledge or capability in a field of science or technology is required then that journey of experimentation is likely to consist of qualifying R&D!


Typically the everyday business costs that can have an apportionment attributed to R&D include:

  • Staff wage costs including Employers NI contribution and pensions
  • Material consumed or transformed in the process of R&D
  • Prototype costs
  • Sub-contract costs that have directly contributed to R&D
  • Software costs
  • Utility costs

Consultants at RandD UK Limited are experienced professionals from varying backgrounds of all whom are well versed in the scheme and have expertise in identifying what is R&D and how that can be interpreted into a language HMRC wish to read. RandD UK Limited maintain an excellent relationship with local compliance inspectors in the regional R&D Units and to date, every claim we have submitted, a significant cash benefit has been retrieved.


We hope you find this information useful, please don’t hesitate to visit our website and view our on-line video introduction at www.randdukltd.co.uk if you have any further questions.
Your contact is Michael Keyse

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