The story behind a logo!



Compared with many others you may see around, I guess that our logo is quite a complicated thing with 4 different colours and 2 typefaces – after all if you look around you’ll see even the biggest businesses have a simple one colour logo nowadays even if they have a bottomless marketing budget.


Was our logo conjured up by a professional marketing agency with shares in an ink supplier? Or is there more to it?


Let me tell you what it is all about…


The colours mean something…

The typefaces mean something…


The point is they tell a story that I see a lot.


Our logo is based on the typical growth, stagnation, re-growth curve that a start up business might see in its fortunes. The different colours generally reflect how the finances of the business look at any point in time.


Let’s look into this in a little more detail…


At first the start up goes well, the business enjoys good growth – the green represents growth, the upwards trend-line shows the business is getting somewhere – its sales are up, it’s winning more market share.


Having gained a foothold, it becomes firmly established in the market, it starts making good, consistent, profits – it’s ‘in the black’.


But something isn’t quite right, somewhere along the way something goes wrong, and things start to get messy – that’s why the Midlands Business is in a ‘messy’ typeface. The problems were routed in the growth phase, but took a turn for the worse at the consolidation stage. The business starts making losses – it ‘goes into the red’… the business starts to lose some headway, quite a bit in fact, until…


It’s lost that much ground that it needs to make some cold – hence the blue – hard decisions if it is to turn the corner. It’s making those big bold decisions that sow the seeds of a strong recovery – hence Recovery being in bold and capitals where it is.



After the seeds of recovery are sown, the business then goes through a period of – green – re-growth, but this time stronger and more sustainable than before, such that when the business gets back into the black, it carries on getting stronger and making more and more money.


So here at Midlands Business Recovery we come in and help businesses that are in a bit of a mess and making losses, at a time when they are ready to work with someone who will support them in making some cold hard decisions. We help them make the decisions they’ve probably put off for a while but really need to make, not only to stop the rot but also to put them back on the path to growth.


I guess a picture does tell a thousand words!

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