President, Chair or Director of a credit union that's struggling? – read our great offering…

If you are the president, chair or a director of a credit union that is struggling, possibly even insolvent, the last thing you need is another bill, but the first thing you need is great support from people who have been down this road before.  Yes, credit unions are very, very different from most other organisations…

With this in mind, we are offering you a great deal:

  1. We will never charge you for either our travelling time or travelling expenses – whether this be pre- or post any formal insolvency appointment;
  2. Our first meeting with the board to assess your situation and explore with you your options is entirely free of charge.

This means that wherever you are in England or Wales you can be assured of getting the best possible support, when you need it most, without having to worry about what it costs.

Call me on 01902 672323, or my mobile 07813 102014, if you’d like to know more about how we can help you…

Paul Brindley

Licensed insolvency practitioner & Credit Union expert


Have you received an APN – an Accelerated Payment Notice – from HMRC?

If you have, you’ll know just how truly horrible they are because the tax has to be paid within 90 days of the date of the notice, there’s no right of appeal and all you can do is make ‘representations’ to HMRC to challenge the APNs on limited grounds – you cannot challenge it because you think it’s either unjust or inappropriate.  If you’ cannot pay the APN, you might need my help.  We’ve also put together a team of very experienced lawyers and tax experts who can help with claims against the professionals who advised you to go into and set up the scheme for which you’re falling foul.

So how many people are effected and how much tax is involved?

HMRC have recently reported that in the year and a half since their introduction in 2014, they have issued 44,000 APNs and collected in £2 billion of tax.  They have also said they expect to issue another 20,000 APNs in 2016, bringing in another £3.5 billion in tax, so the numbers are huge and the size of the individual payments are expected to rise, heaping more pressure on people to pay.

Do HMRC always get it right? Well no… they recently withdrew 2,000 notices that frankly they should never have issued.  They didn’t withdraw them until after a good number of the recipients paid up, even selling their homes to raise the cash.

If you receive an APN and can’t pay, please call me, Paul Brindley, licensed insolvency practitioner, on 01902 672323. 

Other useful links for you to read:

Pinsent’s summary of APNs – probably the shortest and best summary there is on the web.  Choose the download pdf option on that page.

DOTA – a link to the list of schemes for which HMRC has, or will soon, issue APNs.  If you are a member of a scheme that’s on the list, you’re in trouble!  Updated about every 3 months – you need to put it in your diary to look at the updated list every 3 months.  Last list issued January 2016.