Why all this talk of a recovery just doesn't add up!

Look at this chart, and tell me what you make of it.

What does it suggest to you?

To me, it suggests that the current feel good factor people are talking about isn’t based on real growth in some of the core businesses underpinning our country’s long term economic wellbeing … that it’s all hype based on a few shining examples within the production/manufacturing sectors and a residential property and stock market spike… and that for most companies, times are still very hard, things haven’t improved much since the economy fell off a cliff 5 years ago.

It explains a lot why the people I meet every day are still hurting.  You see very little is being done by our government to help the core businesses that form the backbone of our economy.  And frankly after 5 years, we really need proper answers for why the government is sitting on its hands.  We want, in fact we deserve far more than hot air and kind words from our politicians.

I do wonder whether our government really cares about those who create wealth.  Don’t you?  And I find that pretty galling as without the money we create, there’s nothing.

Paul Brindley FCA

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