The Business Resuscitation Programme

The message coming from Mark Prisk’s talk to Black Country businessmen at the Annual Chamber Awards yesterday was that government support will not be coming quickly to businesses.  With the banks still not lending and HM Revenue applying more pressure, there is a very real danger that businesses will have to downsize or abandon key projects, while others in a more precarious position will simply fail because of the funding gap.

But despite the obvious absence of cash from traditional sources, it is not all bad news.  There are people out there with cash who are actively looking for new business opportunities.  There are also a good number of businesses operating at less than full capacity which are looking to expand.   The problem is of matching the need for cash and resources with the source.

All too often, trying to put the two together has to be done in haste, when the cash position has become desperate.  Here, time can run out, such that opportunities, jobs and income are lost from the Black Country forever.   I believe we have to live up to the Black Country’s informal motto of ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ and find our own practical, low cost, timely solutions.  And we cannot delay finding those solutions.

I have part of the solution – the ‘Business Resuscitation Programme’.  Under the programme, which I will launch formally in two weeks time, I will be putting people together on both sides either directly or through their advisers, but importantly far earlier than is currently happening.

The Business Resuscitation Programme will make it easier for people to find the opportunity they are looking for, and in doing so preserve wealth.  If you are either in need of cash or are looking for new business opportunities, please register your interest now with me, preferably by e-mail, but you can also do so by calling me.

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