Our youngsters offer us great hope!

I’ve spent most of the last few days in Dudley College talking to students of all abilities, across a wide veriety of courses as part of their financial management week.

It’s been incredibly tiring but I have enjoyed it immensely, the students are a credit to the College, and themselves.  Every talk, and yes it was on the dry subject of debt and how to best manage your finances, was greeted with great enthusiasm – it’s almost as if they have seen the shambles my generation has made of the UK’s financial wellbeing and have all said ‘it’s not for me, I want to live my life more responsibly’.  Contrary to popular belief, our younger generation are not spendthrift, they are very, very switched on.  I suspect they are twisting us around their little fingers when they persuade us to buy them this or that!

Thanks Dudley, thank you very much firstly for asking me to pop along, and secondly for not only listening to my ramblings, but also for for participating in the discussions so eagerly.

Having seen first hand just how bright our youngsters are, I believe there is every hope that we can dig ourselves out of this downturn and massive debt hole – it just won’t be my generation that does it.

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