Although we prefer to let the results of our work do the talking for us and we don’t ask for testimonials, here are a few kind words from some of the people we’ve worked with in recent times.

‘ The first day I met Paul Brindley, I was a broken man.

My Business of 20 years had severe cash flow problems and I could not see a way out.

It felt like my business had been diagnosed with terminal cancer, and I was living a life not knowing how long my business had to live. My health was also deteriorating rapidly.

I had spoken to a number of Insolvency Practitioners, to seek their advice, however if you are in a similar position that I was, forget the rest, Paul Brindley is in a league of his own.

Paul literally picked up all the pieces. His advice was sound, solid and very professional.

 He explained all the options open to me in a very understanding and simple way and guided me through the process of taking my business into Voluntary Liquidation.

Paul Brindley is the kindest, caring and most understanding professional you will ever come across. His attention to detail is incredible and he truly has your best interests at heart.

Paul kept me in touch on a regular basis as well as regularly checking on my wellbeing.

When I first knocked on Paul’s door, it felt like I was visiting him to register the death of my business.

12 months later, with Paul’s genuine care, support and encouragement, I am ready to build a new life and hopefully build a new business.

Dealing with Paul is like asking your best friend for help, when you are staring into the abyss.

From the bottom of my heart Paul, thank you.’  – CR

‘Thank you Paul, you have dealt with everything superbly, I could not have asked for better.’ – JG

‘I was introduced to Paul Brindley by a solicitor some two and a half years ago. My property business had become a victim of the recession and extortionate banking charges. Paul’s professional skills, legal knowledge and outside contacts are unbelievable. He is honest, reliable and personable. Paul is a good listener. He is proactive in his approach and researches, recommends and implements a way forward. Paul’s guidance and support has been invaluable. His work ethic is unbelievable; early morning or late at night he responds. Paul is the tower of strength and commitment you need to turn your business around. A first class service with the highest integrity.’ BA   (this is a David v Goliath fight where the bank concerned sold the client’s property at a massive undervalue, having failed to recognise, despite having employed agents, the true worth of its security).

‘As a SME employing around 20 people Midlands Business Recovery have been a single source of assistance in these current demanding economic circumstances.  As an SME too reliant on work from a limited sector of the engineering economy we had a need to have an external review of our business strategy by industry experts (our sector being specialised) and to also seek a purchaser who could add other strengths to the company. Midlands Business Recovery were able to provide viable options on both strands. Without such assistance we would probably have been faced with closure and the loss of all jobs.’   Peter L.  (this company employed 18 people, had run out of work, had net liabilities of £150k representing a debt owed to its owner.  I found a buyer who brought work into the company, saving 16 of the jobs, completing a deal for the shares which should see the owner be repaid his debt over time out of future profits.  The alternative was liquidation, with the certain loss of all jobs and the owner’s £150k)

Paul, we would just like to express our gratitude to you for everything you have done for us.  It was so hard for us.  We were so scared of the unknown, but with your guidance, trust and support we made it through to the other side.  We feel very privileged to have met you and consider you as a dear friend Paul.  If we can ever be of assistance to you, please give us a call.  You have restored our faith in human nature.  Once again thank you.’   Deb & Stu P.

‘Paul, we would like both like to say a big thank you for taking the time to sit down with us and give us some very useful information.  We were really at breaking point ….. and made us feel so much more positive.  If only there were more people like you in the world.  Thank you’.  Lauren & Christian H.

On a personal note I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for ………giving me your support on which I consider to be one of the most difficult and saddest days of my life.  Your professionalism and compassion with which you have shown in dealing with the liquidation of my company and my personal bankruptcy have meant a great deal not just to me but the whole of my family.  Thank you so much for your help and advice’.   NSC

‘Paul provides an independent and local solution to business recovery. He is practical and personable, essential when you need assistance in difficult times.’  Jonathan D, Senior partner in a local firm of chartered accountants

‘I recommended Paul’s services to a client company that was experiencing problems. Although the end result of liquidation was inevitable, Paul was able to help the clients through this traumatic period, whilst maximising the realisation of the assets for the benefit of the creditors’.  – Barry H, partner in a local accountancy firm

‘Paul Brindley really does know his stuff , he has helped me personally through bankruptcy and advised on all my business matters , his experience in his sector is second to none , his monthly reports are informative and very useful to all business owners .’  – Dave T

‘I have worked with Paul on several projects and he has been committed, knowledgeable, courteous and direct with his advice to clients etc.’  David A, consultant

‘I can never thank you enough for the way you have looked after me with all your help and advice since my bankruptcy I only hope that people who unfortunately find themselves in my situation find out about you as you are a true professional and a very honest and compassionate man.   Once again Paul thank you very much and I wish all the very best for the future.       Nigel    (Nigel went through a bankruptcy process to rid himself of unsecured debt he couldn’t pay.  He lost no assets in the bankruptcy, he came out of bankruptcy in Autumn 2013 keeping his home and his buy to let properties.  A great result even though the path through bankruptcy was a rollercoaster for him as regards his feelings.  He’s now got his and his family’s lives back on track, his bankruptcy did the trick)